Here are just a few of the many American Legion programs that Sons have gotten really good at helping with:

Holding American Flag at Colts Game

Fun Times: First, we do the work. Then we have fun. Being a part of The American Legion Family offers nearly unlimited opportunities to help with the "Four Pillars:" Americanism, Veterans Affairs, Children and Youth, and National Security. Whether it’s helping to hold a giant American Flag at the start of a Colts game or building a duck racetrack for an Early Bird party at the Post, Sons try to have fun while doing good work.

Boys State: Known as "A week that shapes a lifetime", this program runs for one week in June each year and is open to selected high school-age students between their junior and senior years. The S.A.L. helps raise money to support the program. Sons can also volunteer to help run the program in a number of positions.

Sons In Need: This is a program set up here in Indiana to assist our own members who may be facing health emergencies or natural disasters. Members of our own squadron have been helped by this program, so we take it seriously and are eager to contribute to the effort.

Indiana Veterans Home: Three times each year, Sons from around the state go to the IVH (Lafayette, IN) and spent a Saturday afternoon putting on a Bingo game for the home's residents. Nothing is more satisfying than taking part in one or more of these afternoons. We also do fundraisers for and collect donations to the home.

Holidays: There are any number of holidays throughout the year that offer S.A.L. members opportunities to do things for veterans who reside in nursing homes around Monroe County. This year, we joined in at Christmastime to go caroling.

Legislative: The American Legion pays close attention to state and national legislation that impacts veterans and their families. Sons stand ready to assist in efforts to support or oppose such legislation.

Homeless Vets: It's an unfortunate truth that many men and women who have served in the U.S. Military now, for whatever reason, find themselves living on the streets. The American Legion Family works hard to provide many types of assistance for individuals in these situations. Sons also get involved in fundraising efforts to support this program.

Special Olymics award winner

Special Olympics: Sons have a long and successful history of raising funds for important causes. We raise money and we give of our own time to help with this important year-round program.

Pizza party workers

Pizza Parties: One of the more fun ways we've been able to raise money for various purposes has been to throw a big pizza party at the post. We sell tickets, cook up dozens of pizzas, serve several hundred people an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, and use the money to further the programs of Squadron 18 and The American Legion.